The most and only effective multiple sclerosis curative treatment alover the world in Ukraine

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The new program for the treatment of MS By removing the diseased cells and replacing them with healthy cells To restore myelin layer around damaged nerves and regulate the immune system so as not to attack the nerves again at Kiev Ukraine.

Treatment takes the following steps

First: to get rid of the diseased cells of the immune system, especially those concentrated in bone marrow by plasma washing, called plasmaphoresis, a similar procedure to renal dialysis.

Second: Inject ion of healthy cells to replace the diseased cells, this step will be repeated several times until the majority of the cells causing the disease sre replaced by healthy cells specialized In rebuilding the myelin layer around damaged nerves

Immediate results after treatment:

1 – Stop the deterioration of the disease and prevent complications

2 – Improve the patient’s condition and stop the pain and disability caused by the disease

3. To stop attacks


This program differs from the old treatment for MS, which left the sick cells as they did not achieve clear results and did not benefit most of the patients who have been treated in this way.

But the modern program removes cells causing  the disease and inject several times healthy cells to control the immune system and restore the mechanism of balance so as not to attack the nerves and reconstruction of the layer of Myelin, and it is the only treatment in the world that achieve this result

At the International Medical Center for Cell Gene Therapy in Kiev, Ukraine

To communicate with the center in English 00380947101388


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