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Power audit and Management deals with the protection of electrical power systems from faults through the Isolation of faulted part from the rest of the electrical network.


This implies protecting equipment from over-voltage, under-voltages, voltage sags, voltage and current harmonics, voltage spikes caused by lightning.


Regular power quality analysis is key to conditioning the power line.


Power audit can be carried out by using a power quality analyzer, capable of measuring the amount of harmonics and other voltage variations in the electrical system.




The scope shall include complete power network analysis to determine the quality of power supply parameters as follows:


Total Harmonic Distortion of Voltage (THDv)

Total Harmonic Distortion of current (THDi).

Voltage (V).

Current (I).

Real Power(KW)

Apparent Power(KVA)

Reactive Power(KVAr)

Power Factor (P.F).

Detect excessive energy consumption.

Analyze the load curve to determine the maximum demand and when it occurs.

Size capacitor bank to compensate reactive power (KVAr)

Earth resistance measurement using digital Earth resistance clamp meter.

Provide a comprehensive power audit report and suitable recommendations.


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